【Seafood gourmet including oysters & Sea bream fishing experience】

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Hong Kong's French Restaurant AMBER is also used at a high price, and you can enjoy the Karadomari Ebisu oysters.You can also enjoy sea bream fishing ( children can also fishing GOMOKU fishing) as an activity as well as seafood gourmet. In addition, fish that are caught can be served as "SASHIMI" or "fishermen's bribe (back menu)"ARA-DAKI". Please enjoy the fresh seafood caught in Fukuoka (Hakata Bay) to your heart's content over look at the ocean, a little away from the bustling city.


Basic information


【Store Name】

“karadomari ebisu oyster house”

Store URL: http://www.karatomari.jp/kakigoya/



Oda, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 819-0203



・ Get off at JR Chikuhi Line “Kyushu University Research City” or “Imajuku”.

・ From the station, take the Showa Bus (Nishinoura Line).

・ Get off at “Sea Fishing Park”.


【event date】

Every year from November 1 to March 22 (planned)

* Depends on the growth of oysters.

* As soon as the stock runs out, it is closed.


【Regular holiday】

Every Tuesday

(* Open on public holidays)


【open time】

・ [Weekdays] 11: 00-17: 00

・ [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 10: 00-17: 00

* Final reception is until 14:00



No restrictions * However, seats are limited


【Minimum number of participants】

From 1 person


【Participation restrictions】

Please make a reservation after confirming the following notes in advance.


【Participation fee】

5,500 yen (including tax)

* Ebisu oysters, scallops, shrimp, turban shell, oyster rice full set.

* Sea bream caught in the sea fishing park can be served as sashimi or fishermen's rice (cooked sea bream) upon request.

* If you do not need fishing, please tell us when you make your reservation. At that time, the amount will not be adjusted. Please be forewarned.


【What you need】

All preparations are available here.

Please feel free to join us.



* Oysters are approximately 1kg per adult.

* The displayed price is per adult.

* Oysters below junior high school students are half the amount of adults.

* Child (elementary / junior high school) fees are 3100 yen per person.

* There is an additional charge for the transfer. Please feel free to contact us.

* Please enjoy your own responsibility, paying attention to injury.

* If you are drunk a lot until you got drunk or the staff decides that you cannot experience it, we may refuse this experience. Please be forewarned.

* A reservation is required.

If there is no reservation, this experience cannot be accepted.

Please be forewarned.

* When minors experience, parents must be accompanied.


【For reservation】

Reservation possible until the day

* However, please be sure to contact us if there is a vacancy at your preferred time. Please understand that it may be crowded depending on the time of the day.


Contact: linktaiken@gmail.com


【How to apply】

Please inquire from the following inquiry form whether there is a vacancy at the desired date and time, and then make a payment from the following purchase form.

【Seafood gourmet including oysters & Sea bream fishing experience】

  • 【Cancellation at your own convenience】

    ・ No refunds will be given for cancellations due to your own circumstances after payment (including payment from this site and bank transfer). Please make a reservation and make a payment after consent. However, for double payments with apologies, only incorrect bookings can be canceled. In that case, we have not received any fees. In addition, refunds for double payment by bank transfer will be refunded after deducting the transfer fee. Please also note.

    【Cancellation due to store circumstances】

    ・ After payment (including payment from this site and bank transfer), if cancellation is requested from the store due to unavoidable circumstances, it will be changed to another date or refunded in full. In the case of bank transfer, we will pay the transfer fee. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please confirm the amount of your experience and transfer it to the following financial institution designated by our company. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Please be forewarned.

    [Bank account for bank transfer ①]

    Bank name: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

    Branch name: Fukuoka branch (Store number: 652)

    Account number: Normal 2722218

    Account name: ゴウドウガイシヤ ウエデイング コンシエルジユ ジヤパン

    [Bank account for bank transfer ②]

    Bank name: West Japan City Bank

    Branch name: Seaside Momochi branch office (Store number: 727)

    Account number: Normal 3021513

    Account name: ド)ウエデイング コンシエルジユジヤパン