[Fukuoka / Experience] Making Ramen Experience in HAKATA stall

How about making Hakata ramen experience at an authentic food stall in Fukuoka?

Of course, you don't have experience it ever ! The staff will carefully teach you how to make it. The deliciousness of eating your own ramen at the stall is exceptional!

When making a reservation, we will check availability, so please contact us using the "Contact Us" below. If there is no reservation, this experience cannot be accepted. Please be forewarned.


【Store name】

"Keiji stand"

Store URL:https://www.yataikeiji.com/


【Store address】

Plaza Akasaka 1-19 Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka



・ Get off at Akasaka Station, about 5 minutes on foot

・ Get off at Nishitetsu Bus “Kegocho”


【event date】

Held every day (except regular holidays)


[Regular holiday]

Monday (There are temporary closures on rainy days and strong winds)


【open time】

19: 00-26: 00 (* However, order stop is 25:00)



No restrictions * However, seats are limited


【Minimum number of participants】

From 1 person


【Participation restrictions】

Please make a reservation after confirming the following notes in advance.


【Participation fee】

JPY2,200 (including tax)

* The price is for a full ramen including experience. Other menus will be paid as usual.


【What you need】

All preparations are available here. Skilled staff will teach you carefully, so please feel free to join us.



・ Please pay attention to injury and enjoy yourself at your own risk.

・ If you are drunk or the staff determines that you cannot experience it,

In some cases, we may refuse this experience. Please be forewarned.

・ A guardian must accompany a minor.


【For reservation】

Reservation possible until the day of the event * However, it may be crowded depending on the time of day.


【How to apply】

Please make a payment from the following purchase form after inquiring if there is a vacancy at the desired date and time from "Inquiry" below.


【Cancellation policy】

Separately described.


Please read before making a reservation !!


【Regular holidays and holidays】

There is a regular holiday for each store, but it may be raining from after noon until the evening, or on days of strong winds such as typhoons, we may be closed without notice. Every day, the stalls open from the place where the store is transported and assembled.

Wind is a natural disaster, especially because it deals with fire outdoors. If you go there, check the weather information and get in touch early so that there is no such thing as "There was no shop ..."!


【About holding time】

* Depending on the time of the reservation, other customers may also come.

Please understand beforehand that it may be possible to make reservations before and after because it will be an experience after making your order.

[Fukuoka / Experience] Making Ramen Experience in HAKATA stall

  • 【Cancellation at your own convenience】

    ・ No refunds will be given for cancellations due to your own circumstances after payment (including payment from this site and bank transfer). Please make a reservation and make a payment after consent. However, for double payments with apologies, only incorrect bookings can be canceled. In that case, we have not received any fees. In addition, refunds for double payment by bank transfer will be refunded after deducting the transfer fee. Please also note.

    【Cancellation due to store circumstances】

    ・ After payment (including payment from this site and bank transfer), if cancellation is requested from the store due to unavoidable circumstances, it will be changed to another date or refunded in full. In the case of bank transfer, we will pay the transfer fee. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please confirm the amount of your experience and transfer it to the following financial institution designated by our company. The transfer fee will be borne by the customer. Please be forewarned.

    [Bank account for bank transfer ①]

    Bank name: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

    Branch name: Fukuoka branch (Store number: 652)

    Account number: Normal 2722218

    Account name: ゴウドウガイシヤ ウエデイング コンシエルジユ ジヤパン

    [Bank account for bank transfer ②]

    Bank name: West Japan City Bank

    Branch name: Seaside Momochi branch office (Store number: 727)

    Account number: Normal 3021513

    Account name: ド)ウエデイング コンシエルジユジヤパン