Making noodle experience at hakata stall

You can experience making ramen at the stall of authentic Hakata!

This is the only place where you can eat ramen you made yourself on the spot!

Please try it!!

【Experience details】

How about the experience of making Hakata ramen at the authentic stall in Fukuoka?

Of course, even those who have no experience are okay! The staff will teach you how to make ramen carefully from the first.

The taste of eating ramen made by yourself at a stall is exceptional!

When you make a reservation, please contact us from "Contact Us" below to confirm the availability.

If you do not have a reservation, 

we will not be able to accept this experience. Please understand in advance.

【Flow of Ramen making experience】
Basic information about Hakata Yatai ramen making experience
Basic Information

【STORE NAME】『Yatai keiji』

【ADDRESS】  Akasaka 1-Chome 1-19 Plaza Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture

【Access】   ・Get off at Akasaka Subway Station and walk for about 5 minutes.

・Get off at Nishitetsu Bus "Kogomachi" and immediately

【Open day】: Daily (excluding regular holidays)

【Closed】: Every Monday(extraordinary closures on rainy and strong days)

【Time】19:00-26:00 (However, order stop is 25:00)

【Capacity】There is no limit. ※However, there is a limit to the seat.

【Minimum number of participants】 from 1 person

【Participation restriction】 Please make a reservation after confirming the following precautions in advance.

【Participation fee】2,200 yen (including tax)

※It will be a charge for one bowl of ramen including the experience.

Other menus will be paid as usual.

【What you need to prepare】

We will prepare all the preparations here.

Our skilled staff will teach you carefully one by one,

so please feel free to join us.


・Please pay attention to injury, etc. and enjoy it under your own responsibility.

・If you are drunk or the staff decides that you can not experience, 

there is also a case where

・If a minor experiences it, please be accompanied by a guardian.

【About the reservation】

Reservations can be made until the day of the day, however, depending on the time of day,

so please conta

【How to apply】

Please contact us if there is a space at the desired date and time from the "Inquiry" below,

a payment from the purchase form below.

Please be sure to read before making a reservation!!

【About regular holidays and holidays】

There is a regular holiday for each store, but it may be raining from after noon until the evening

or on days of strong winds such as typhoons, it may be closed without notice.

Every day, the stalls start opening the shop from the place where the store is carried and assembled.

Because it is a work of dealing with fire outdoors, the wind is particularly influenced. When you go, please check 

the weather information and get in touch early so that it does not become a thing that "there was no shop..."

【About the time of the event】

※Depending on the time of your reservation, there are other customers.

Please note that there is a possibility that the reservation time will be around,

as it will be an experience after you have finished making your order.


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